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Que tal um porta linhas usando apenas lápis, cola e isopor?

Vi essa dica no site Organize sem frescuras e resolvi compartilhar

Pode colar diretamente na parede com cola quente ou cola cascorex , ou colar  numa moldura e depois pendurar na parede.É importante que a placa de isopor seja grossa.

Pode usar a mesma técnica em uma caixa de sapatos usando isopor, lápis ou palitos de churrasco

✂Grravatas sobrando? Que tal customizar? Dá para fazer cada coisa inimaginável ...✂

dress/skirt made from neckties.  All silk 25 ties on Etsy, $107.95 CAD

Gravata de Vestido - / Dress Tie -

//33 Ways to Recycle Tiesneck ties - stitch neckties on long sides to form a vertically striped cylinder. Gather one end, insert pillow form, gather other end to close, cover gathers with buttonsTie ottomanbrooch from old necktiesTie Purse: I like how they use a tie for the strap as welleinfache krawattentascheNecktie Bag upcycled purserecycled neck ties!Necktie bag                                                                                                                                                                                 MorePillow I made with men's ties...for my nephews' 10th bday. :) He loves to golf!Ne jeter plus les cravates recycler les ! La petite déco70's party here we come: ingenious way to use old 70's ties that have been collecting dust in the cupboard waiting for a purposeful use in life!tieCheck out a new article about sewing with neckties here.   Yours Truly is one of the featured designers!    Here is a basic tutorial for ...Upcycled Indie Necktie Dress Eco Bohemian by PandorasPassions, $60.0012 Ways to Upcycle Old Neckties | Craft Projects - DIY Kids Crafts, Holiday Crafts & More | DIY70's party here we come: ingenious way to use old 70's ties that have been collecting dust in the cupboard waiting for a purposeful use in life!(28) iG MailPrudence- Handstitched Upcycled Necktie Collar- MargotUpcycled Indie Necktie Dress Eco Bohemian by PandorasPassions, $60.00purses made from mens neckties | The Peacock Fairy: May 2010Tie dress!Red White and Blue Necktie Apron OOAK Upcycled, Recycled, Re-Purposed ORIGINALrobe cravates de la boutique lescravatesenfolie sur EtsySummer Wind// Vineyard Vines// Country Squire HaberdasheryReciclartie dressUpcycled Necktie Creations by Pandora's Passionstie dress for ladies 23 Dress designs from old ties for womenThe Luxury Trash: tie recycle ideaNecktie Dress / Skirt - I'd like to make a full length skirt like this. Leaving the ties with linings in would make it a terrific winter skirt.NECKTIE Ballgown. Maybe mother of the bride outfit? Afterwards, you could donate to the circus charity, Clowns Without Borders.DSC_0010_04

reciclaje de vaqueros y corbatasRecycled Tie Dress: Would be perfect for a daddy's girl to have a dress made out of all of daddy's old ties! Too preshResultado de imagem para skirt made from ties

Glamarita TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN Chocolate Addiction by glamarita, $55.00

Cute belt made from a man's neck tie
Image detail for -Women's fashions made out of recycled necktiesVintage Tie Skirt - fun way to recycle old tiesWhat a cool way to refashion from ties.  maybe a woven shirt back?????bracelet de gravata Women's Vest made entirely of Neckties in earth by JBArtistry1015necktie projects <3 Love this idea!Halter of repurposed neckties...sooo cute! clothing-diy-and-refashion-ideasA almofada, além de trazer conforto, é um item decorativo que pode fazer toda a diferença na sala, escritório ou onde mais existir um sofá, poltrona ou até cama. Ela consiste num enchimento e uma capa, e esta última pode ser feita a partir de...Inspiração gravatas - saia feita com gravatasTie Warrior Vest Vintage Neck Tie Small Medium by Embody on EtsyTie dress made with 21 ties, photo only. You could sew ties together to make material and then use a pattern and cut out the dress.